Hydrangea House Hilton

In 1999, our family relocated to Hilton on the edge of the beautiful KZN Midlands. The property was so tired and run down but I noticed the hundreds of hydrangea bushes, although very short and knarled just like Bonzai trees. We bought it and spent many many years upgrading while the hydrangeas just took off and recovered. 15 years later they grace our property with their indescribable colour shades - hence the name Hydrangea House. Now a jewel and definitely our own little piece of "Heaven", so peaceful and food for our souls. Many people would phone and want to buy hydrangeas for events, weddings in particular. Years later I became well known and my customer base just grew and grew. Now I do it on a larger scale and just keep on taking shoots from my precious old bushes and plant new ones every year.

Cut Hydrangeas

Their colours are white and all the various shades of blues, purples, mauves, greens and limited pinks. The ph of the soil is rather low so my bushes tend to be more on the blue side than the pink. White remains white, the ph does not affect them.

Sam joined me 3 years ago, him and I do everything there is to be done from cuttings, trimming, cleaning, treating, picking and packing. The hydrangeas have a long season so the work in maintaining is never ending. As the season progresses, the colours change to the vintage shades - Absolutely stunning!

If you are in need of cut hydrangeas for a special occasion, please contact me - Karin 082 622 0090

They can be collected at Hydrangea House or packed and sent by courier. The customer is responsible for both boxes and courier fees if necessary.

Contact Us

Hydrangea House

Phone: 033 343 1455
Email: hydrangeahouse@gmail.com

Address: 38 Sutton Road
South Africa

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